The effect of wave period on the stability of accropode
Published: 2019-05-21 Source: Port & Waterway Engineering 2019-05-20    Hits:     share it:

Abstract:Through physical model experiment,we study the influence of the change of embankment top elevation and the wave periodic on the stability of the front,the top and the back sections of the sloping dike under irregular wave and when the slope embankment is randomly arranged with the accropode blocks.The test results show that with the increase of wave period,the stability of the former slope is increasing and the stability of the crown and the back slope is reduced,and the damage position of the slope dike is shifted from the front slope to the dike top and the back slope.Meanwhile,the stability of accropode blocks of the front slope decreases with the increase of the height of the dike roof,and the crown and the back slope reduce firstly and then increase with the increase of the super height of the dike roof.

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